Products We Offer
Hotel and Bar, Hardware, Electronics & other retail shops PoS available
Complete and comprehensive with all HR modules integrated
NHIF,NSSF, loans, taxes, allowances and deductions automated calculations
Saves your chama and/or welfare the stress of paper work.
Suites your Real Estate business.
This keeps you in the business. Organize your events, clients, suppliers, assets and finances efficiently.
With one system manage your hotel inventory, human resource, and sales.
A key tool in reaching your customers. Automated bulk sms
Services We Offer
We offer you timely business solutions and consulting, given the vast experience merging technology and business for profit.
Application Development
Our innovative approach in creating business solutions is upto the standards with the governing bodies.
System Integration
We take pride in making it possible; ensuring secure handshake between applications.
Technical Support
Jiwani Tech highly staff trained staff will always ensure our customers remain satisfied.
IT Training
With skilled IT personnel, your business will thrive. We ensure your employees are upto date with current technologies.
Web Development
We make your business visible by building intutive and responsive websites.

our pride

responsive support

We are always available to support you. We build and maintain. We live with the solutions.

our approach

We don't just deliver, we take pride in the solutions we create.

unique abilities

We build and sell, hence providing value for money.

organization we've worked with