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best restaurant pos software in kenya
Bring advanced technologies to your Restaurant with All-in-One Cloud-based POS

Experience the best POS Software in Kenya for your restaurant business with Ji-POS. Powered in collaboration with iOSoft Solutions, Kenya’s leading software development company, be sure to get the best all in one restaurant POS Software in Kenya and East Africa. With smart features designed to automate your restaurant operations, Ji-POS by iOSoft Solutions is one of the greatest POS software systems in Kenya and East Africa. It is your number one Restaurant Management Software when you need a powerful software to unify your inventory management, boost your efficiency, and provide you with all-around reports anytime, anywhere.

This Smart POS software in Kenya takes care of all the finer details of your restaurant’s needs, including billing and simple inventory management for small businesses. See how this restaurant POS software from may improve your dining experience.

Restaurant Management Software Kenya

In your quest for the best Restaurant POS Software in Kenya, here’s to the complete command of your business’s activities with real-time reports and powerful admin controls.

Even if you run a small or multiple restaurants, this smart restaurant Software in Kenya enables you to take charge of all your  expense control and maintaining your company’s profitability across board. With the aid of iOSoft Smart POS System, you can effectively manage your restaurant no matter where you are.

Restaurant POS System Features

Being the #1 POS software in Kenya means the software has smart features that enable users to effectively run businesses without hassle. These features include, Splitting of invoices, Kitchen display for showing orders, several kitchen printers and multiple customer payment methods, Manage add-on items, tables management, Management Stock, shift management, sales management, Delivery and Suppliers management, Order and invoice management, etc.

Accounts Integrated.

Ji-POS is fully integrated with your back-office and accounts to create a complete business system thereby reducing your costs and also improves efficiency. These automated accounts are designed and integration manage your suppliers information, sales and incomes information, balance sheets or  profit and loss among other account statements.

Inventory Control.

This restaurant POS software in Kenya provides a comprehensive solution to your stock control needs and manage your inventory with precision. It also helps you manage your recipe, manage your store or multiple store within your business while giving you Real Time stock balances and inventory.

Real Time Reports.

As a restaurant owner or manager, you need reports about everything in your restaurant, from your employee login time, sales, shift, balances, transactions,  product performance and many more. Using JiPOS which is one of the best POS software in Kenya avails to you all the reports and employee performances and profits across all your stores/branches.  You can Filter reports by Location, dates within the reports Export to Excell, PDF and many other formats.

Measure & Monitor

This #1 Kenya’s best  Restaurant POS Software gives you the easiest approach to keep an eye on your business is to quickly track your inventory and food costs in real time to determine your top and worst sales. So let the computer handle such labor-intensive tasks. That is what we do as a result.

Immediate Insight

This Kenya’s best Restaurant POS Software allows for the analysis of your current company performance and the recommendation of urgent fixes/improvements. Additionally, this smart POS system in Kenya will provide you with the benefits of stock analysis to increase the agility of your company.

Customer Analytics

Kenya’s #1 POS Restaurant Software helps you to record your most valued clients’ activities and purchasing preferences. As a result, through targeted, meaningful engagement, you can create encounters that resonate with your customers.

Start Using The Best Restaurant POS In KENYA

As one of the top software firms in Kenya, we concentrate on developing specialized solutions that are particular to each of our customers’ business processes and responsibilities. Whatever your needs, we have the personnel, resources, creativity, and zeal to provide software solutions that promote the expansion of your company.

To learn how to use our restaurant POS software to provide the results and outcomes you desire for your business, request a demo with one of our product specialists.

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