JTL-School system is developed by our team of experts to meet the unique needs and requirements that exist in all Schools regardless of size, location or level. A modular system allows all administrative functions to be completed within one Centralized database, which means no re- keying of data, is necessary.

The system ensures school management and operations run smoothly with great emphasis on students and student profile.

JTL-School is modular based application software that is integrated to provide a fully-fledged Enterprise level Software Suite to manage the needs of a School. An integrated Accounts module ensures that Accounts reporting can be handled without having to use a separate system to handle the same.

Key Features:

– Accounts: including

– Exams

– Library

– Payroll

– Attendance

– Bulk SMS

Payment integrations include:-

1. M-Pesa

2. Banks (KCB, Co-orporative Bank, Equity, Absa)

– Email Integrations

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